The do’s and dont’s of Nuru massage – How to maximise its effects

If you’re one of those whose interest has been also sparked by a nuru massage and decided you must try it, this article may be just for you! We’ve compiled a list of do’s and dont’s that should help you navigate your way around this Japanese rubdown and increase the already exquisite pleasure it brings!  Let’s not waste any time and get right to it!

When getting a nuru massage, you must absolutely do:

  • Be clear about what you want. Nuru is a body-to-body procedure that is highly erotic, so feel free to voice your preferences as to which part of your body should your masseuse tend to the most – and it doesn’t have to be erogenous zones all the time!
  • Drink plenty of water afterwards. The whole procedure will result in the speeding up of blood circulation – which is a good thing, by the way, since insufficient blood circulation can result in multiple health complications. But the increased blood flow also means that the body will process liquids faster. So don’t forget to have that glass of water at hand!
  • Have a bite of something. Similarly, the speeding up of bodily functions that is the result of this massage, results in more energy being burned. You should replenish it!
  • Have a shower-or, even better, a bath. First before – you can’t just walk in dirty – and then after. To prolong the feelings of relaxation for a bit longer, and to increase the overall effects of the massage, a warm bath may be just what you need to finish things off. Putting in some Epsom salt into the bath can further deepen the relief you get via your rubdown.
  • Take plenty of free time to process things. Nuru can be a whirlwind of passion and emotion, and a concert for the senses. You’ll need some time to “digest” it. Immediately switching gears and running straight back into the work stress after your massage will negate everything you just went through.

And these are the things to avoid:

  • “Dutch courage”. A drink, maybe two before your rubdown can be fine and slightly elevate your mood. But showing up drunk won’t make the experience better, and if you overdo it, you may be outright refused your service. What’s more, alcohol causes dehydration – and, as we’ve mentioned before, you’re going to have to stay properly hydrated!
  • Getting your massage with a full stomach, bowels or bladder. It is absolutely crucial you relieve yourself before your session. As the muscle tension is eased and bodily processes are a bit sped up while getting a rubdown, all it could take is one stronger stroke or move to trigger a messy accident – and that’s really the last thing you wish to happen! The fun and arousal would be over instantly.
  • A lack of courtesy. Really, you should be a gentleman. Be on time, don’t try to lecture you masseuse as if you knew better, avoid any groping or unwarranted touches, leave your pubescent remarks for a different occasion.
  • Going in without cash. True, this may not apply to all parlours, but lots of establishments of this sort still don’t accept payment by card. So it’s always better to have some cash at hand!
  • Not brushing your teeth – showering is just a part of the overall hygiene. Smelly breath will put your therapist off!
  • Don’t fall asleep – yes, the massage can relax you to the point of dozing off, but leave that for when you get home!

This should cover the basics of what to do and what not to do. Perhaps you’ll make good use of it – your experience will certainly be better for it!

Would you add anything to our list? What would it be? What other ways of increasing the after effects of a massage (nuru or any other) are there? Don’t hesitate to pitch in the discussion!